Tips and Advice for Stage Fabrication

Planning for the Future

Forward planning isn’t always easy but it makes a lot of sense to plan what you’re buying and getting fabricated so you can future-proof yourself as best you can. The same goes for the audio equipment you purchase, especially for the installation of it. While it is true that most professional products are compatible with the older versions of themselves, appearances and designs can change. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy a full eight desk setup up if you need them in the future but are only using four initially, so they match when they are needed.

Getting The Most for Your Money

As you’ll be aware, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the costs of professional equipment can add up very quickly. When it comes to acquiring staging, trussing and pro audio equipment, they should be thought of as more of an investment than just a purchase. If you look after your equipment properly it can last for many years and provide a good return on investment, so buying the best and most suitable equipment for the planned installation will avoid the need to replace or upgrade it in the future. Of course, this can be true of all purchases and investments but it is particularly important for fixed installations where alterations in the future will be costly.

Measure Your Space Properly

This should be very obvious if you’ve reached this point in your adult life, but if you are planning on installing a truss system, stage decks, risers, tiered seating or anything else, you should know how much you should have. The numbers you see on the pages of advertisers are often misleading and can lead to headaches in the future. This is particularly true of trussing as you are also factoring height into the mix and that becomes a problem very quickly when you’re building indoors. Before you order anything you need to be aware of the exact dimensions, weight restrictions and other factors that are likely to cause an issue later down the line if they are overlooked.

Account for Equipment Capability and Suitability

You should ask yourself every possible question when deciding on new equipment – What is going to be stood on the stage decks? What will be hanging from the truss? What level of output will the lighting or audio system require? You’re on the right lines when you choose to purchase professional equipment but you shouldn’t take “professional” to mean that it will suit your needs off the bat. There are many different factors that come into play when you’re planning for equipment, particularly when it is outdoors. Environmental factors come into play and can affect your stage roof system and speaker array towers – in regard to the safety of the structures. Adverse weather questions, particularly wind, can place immense force on a truss structure and very quickly turn a canopy into a giant wing.